DPS Jan/ 11/ 2002 SC2

Persistency Framework RTAG

l Chair : David Malon

l Mandate : Write the product specification for the Persistency

Framework for Physics Applications at LHC.

Construct a component breakdown for the management of all types of

LHC data,

Identify the responsibilities of Experiment Frameworks, existing products

(such as ROOT) and as yet to be developed products.

Develop requirements/use cases to specify (at least) the metadata /

navigation component(s)

Estimate resources (manpower) needed to prototype missing


l Timescale - Initial report in 1 month, final report within 2 months

l Makeup - Reps from each experiment, IT/DB, ROOT + additional

members at chairs discretion

l Guidance

RTAG may decide to address all types of data, or may decide to

postpone some topics for other RTAGS, once the components have been

identified. The RTAG should develop a detailed description at least for

the event data management. Issues of schema evolution, dictionary

construction/storage, object and data models should be addressed