Workshop Agenda

The workshop will be held in B160 1-009. 

For information on how to get to CERN, please click here.

Tuesday January 29

09:30 - OCCI / OTT: IT-DB tests, Architectural Overview, Oracle directions, etc.
(Dirk Geppert, Marcin Nowak, Krzysztof Nienartowicz, Jamie Shiers)

11:00 - OCCI / OTT: CMS tests (see also CMS pages)
(Zhen Xie, Vincenzo Innocente)

[ lunch ]

14:00 - Implementation of existing (NOMAD) DST object model in Oracle 9i
(David Rodriguez)

15:00 - 9iRAC: the good news regarding Linux, directions etc. (ppt, pdf)
(Eric Grancher, Montse Collados)

16:00 Performance: results so far, future tests
(Dirk Duellmann, Dirk Geppert, Marcin Kania)

Wednesday January 30

09:00 - CMS Showstoppers - the CMS response (HTML)
(Zhen Xie, Vincenzo Innocente)

10:00 - CMS Showstoppers - additional comments & information from IT-DB

1. Implementation issues
2. CMS Object Model support
3. WAN/Grid
4. Architecture
5. Performance
6. Security
7. Maintenance and support
8. Commercial conditions

Thursday January 31

09:00 Requirements for Oracle service for LHC experiments (COCOTIME requests and background)

10:15 - Conditions DB implementation on Oracle and requirements for a conditions DB service
(Emil Pilecki, LHCb, others)

11:00 Run catalogue: overview of existing implementations, e.g. ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb, GRID(s)...